This past month the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge has brought their wonderful cause, Wands for Wildlife, into this small community and has inspired Ottawa Hills with their world-changing mission. Throughout the month of April Wands for Wildlife has been collecting old clean mascara wands from our school to repurpose them and use them to save wild animals.

Though many people are unaware, mascara expires in around 3 months and most people then have no use for their leftover wands. Usually, mascara wands just get thrown away whenever mascara dries up or expires but now the wands can be used to remove larvae and such from the fur of wildlife creatures. The bristles allow recycled mascara wands to be one of the most effective ways to remove such dangerous material from the fur since they are so detailed and close together. The mission allows the usage of mascara wands to save animals in crisis, as well as educate the public about the well being of nature’s precious wildlife and the preservation of it.

Libby Hagenbuch, one of the Wands for Wildlife ambassadors at Ottawa Hills was asked about the importance of the mission and what it really means to her. Libby responded by saying, “I chose to support Wands for Wildlife because animals are really suffering. The parasites attached to the animals are causing the animals much harm. The fact that people can help the animals in such an easy way is really heartwarming. This mission means a lot to me; helping an animal maybe have a second chance of life is something really special.”

Even after Ottawa Hills’ Wands for Wildlife competition ends there are still many ways people can contribute to the excellent charity. Along with continuing to send clean wands, people can purchase t-shirts with funds that are then put towards the cause. Along with this, items from the wishlist can be bought that the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge needs to continue supporting wild animals.