After an extensive break from the public eye, several award show controversies, and feuds with other famous entities, a public figure usually slips back into the spotlight with a handful of apologies to give out. Instead, Taylor Swift springs back into the limelight with a fistful of unapologetic lyrics on her new single “Look What You Made Me Do”. On “Look What You Made Me Do”, Swift adapts a much more confrontational and self-aware lyrical style, lashing out on a “you”, which is assumed to be referring to a multitude of people. Swift dishes out her combative lyricism on a minimalist style instrumental. Despite Swift’s experimentation with a more hip-hop-esque and defiant sound, “Look What You Made Me Do” results in an uninteresting and repetitive song that does nothing more than acknowledge the fact that people despise her and that she has changed since a decade ago.


Although “Look What You Made Me Do” is indicative of Swift trying to tackle a new style, Swift’s stand-offish lyrical style is anything but convincing. Throughout the track, Swift taunts a certain “you” who she incessantly lists the things she does not like about. Unfortunately, Swift’s lyrics do not do much in the way of being effective at addressing the controversies that surround her, the whole point of the song. Most of Swift’s references are obscure and are riddled with cryptic metaphors, making the song nearly unreadable. At the end of the song, Swift makes a bemusing claim that her old self cannot get to the phone because her former self is deceased (Wow! Original!)

The instrumentals on “Look What You Made Me Do” only makes the song’s quality plummet even further. The song is backed by some punchy claps and at some points the instrumental breaks into some monotonous piano. Towards the end of the song, edgy guitar riffs break in while Taylor delves further into her spiel.

Taylor Swift’s new single “Look What You Made Me Do” is Swift’s approach to a more adversarial sound. However, Swift’s uninteresting lyrics backed by a corny instrumental only makes for something lackluster. Hopefully, Taylor Swift can muster up something more solid on her new album “Reputation”, releasing later this year.