By Jack and Michael Lohmeyer

Climbing to the top of mountains, visiting ancient castles, and touring the great cities of Switzerland and Germany, the STEM trip was truly an experience like no other. This was the first year that the STEM trip was offered during the week of Agora. It had an attendance of 16 students with two chaperons – Mrs. Dowd and Mr. Feuerstein. The trip offered many different experiences all related to STEM.

To begin the trip, everyone stayed in a hotel room just outside the heart of Geneva Switzerland. Most rooms consisted of two beds, a kitchen, and some even had a balcony where you could see Lake Geneva. The hotel was the perfect distance away from the lake where you could see it and a perfect portion of the Alps.

After a good night’s rest, we piled on a bus and visited the CERN Particle Collider. After a short tour and learning many interesting facts about our universe, we got back on the bus and after a short ride, arrived at Maison Cailler Chocolate Factory.

We had a short tour of the factory and got to sample many amazing chocolates. After the tour, we got back on our bus and started our long bus ride towards Lucerne. After arriving in Lucerne, we made a stop at our hotel which consisted of two beds and a bathroom with a great view of the city streets. After a long day, we arrived at the Spycher Fondue House where we had an amazing dinner of Swiss Fondue!

After their Fondue dinner, in the morning the group traveled to Mount Pilatus by cable car and got plenty of time to explore the trails at the top of the mountain. We also got to learn about the legends of the dragon that was believed to live up in the mountains.

After we arrived at the transportation museum, we had a short guided tour.  Once our tour ended, we had thirty minutes to explore all the simulators it had to offer, like the car crash simulator. After that, we had a tour of Lucerne and then had a fancy dinner at the Swiss House.

The next day, all of us proceeded to Munich where we stopped at a hydroelectric power station where we had a guided visit of how it works. We then got back on track to Munich where we made a quick stop to grab some food and see an old church. Once we arrived in Munch, we stayed at Harry’s Hotel. The rooms consisted of two beds and a bathroom.

In the morning, we arrived at BMW world, BMW’s headquarters. Here, we had a fascinating tour where we all saw how BMW makes their cars. After the tour and visiting the gift shop, we headed to Dachau, a Nazi Concentration Camp. After a long and sad guided tour, we all headed to our dinner reservations and then headed back to the hotel.

We had a magnificent walking tour through the city of Munich, visiting the beautiful building and taking great photos. Then we had some free time to tour the city themselves. Many students went to the Glockenspiel and then toured the Hofbrauhaus!

After their free time, we traveled to the Deutsches Museum where we had a guided lab experiment. After the lab experiment, we had a guided tour through the museum learning many things about modern technology. After the museum, we had dinner at a local restaurant and then returned back to the hotel after a long day.

On our last day in Munich, we made a two-hour ride to the Neuschwanstein Castle, where we had around three hours to themselves before the guided visit, and then another hour afterward to explore the mountains, where some people climbed up real high to get a great view. we then proceeded back to the hotel where we got ready for their last meal in Europe before we left for home.

From the particle accelerator and hydroelectric power station to the chocolate factory and Fondue dinner, Germany/Switzerland provided all of us with knowledge and everlasting memories.