For the past 32 years, the Ottawa Hills Baseball team has been going down to Sarasota, Florida to play the amazing sport. This has been a tradition for head coach Chris Hardman and he plans on continuing it. The team goes down to get a feel for what live pitching looks like and to allow everyone can get a turn to try out for a starting position.

The team’s schedule started on Sunday March 24th with a practice. The team practiced their base running and infield skills. The coaches utilized the double-fungo drill, a drill where two coaches have fungo bats and hit infield to the players and they practice all sorts of scenarios. A fungo bat is a long, thin baseball bat that allows to user to hit infield or fly balls to all players. Along with that, the team had batting practice in order for the coaches to find the perfect lineup.

Both the JV and Varsity teams had games this past spring break. The JV played four games while the Varsity only played three, giving everyone a feel for their position. The team got a chance to try out their pitchers and see who deserves the starting spot. Both teams challenged themselves playing some of the top schools of Florida. Coach Hardman’s goal for the program is not about winning the games down there, it is to give the players a chance to play baseball with live pitching.

The team hopes to continue this tradition with Coach Hardman for many years to come. Each year the players get better and better at the game of baseball. Not only does the whole team enjoy playing baseball in the warm Florida weather, it also improves their bonding skills with each other and the coaches. Now that the team has returned from Sarasota, they are prepared to face challenging teams and win the TAAC.