As of October 15, the death toll from a bomb in Mogadishu has risen to 231 civilians, with over 275 injured.

This has been the deadliest attack to have ever happened in Somalia.  According to the police, a bomb went off in the back of a truck outside of the Safari Hotel at the K5 intersection.  This area was filled with people due to the presence of government offices, kiosks, and restaurants. Just hours later, a separate attack occurred in Medina.

The common notion right now is that these attacks were done in retaliation to recent losses from extremist Islamic groups.  Groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda have recently been at a disadvantage and may have felt the need to lash out in an extreme way.

As of now, the death count is based off of doctor reports from nearby hospitals in Mogadishu.  Many bodies in hospital moratoriums and other areas have not been counted yet.  This has been the most powerful bomb blast ever witnessed in Somalia.