The ever-fluctuating world of the stock market has just become more complex with the new ability to invest in royalties gained by artists. Detroit native, Eminem, has been added to the short list of artists whose royalties are made available by stock market music companies for fans to make an investment.

Given that Eminem has been awarded 15 Grammys and bears the title of best-selling artist in the first decade of the 21st century, his royalties are a decidedly more worthy venture than any other artist whose earnings are up for investment.

Other artists, such as Wiz Khalifa and Chris Brown have already had their royalties auctioned off by the company Royalty Flow, but Eminem’s entrance into the scene marks a turning point in the business due to the potential sizable revenue that could come as a result.                          

The rapper’s previous production pair, the Funky Bass Team, sold off Eminem’s royalties to Royalty Flow. Eminem was not consulted about this deal, and no comment has come from him to this date.

The lack of consultation by Eminem mixed with the new idea of essentially investing in people based on their relevancy has sparked controversy among economists and media experts.  Many who view the idea with dismay believe that the concept undermines the humanity of the people being invested in and pigeonholes them as mere pawns utilized to make revenue.

Those who share the same opinion also stress over the gradual robotization of media, and are nervous this trend will mark a descent to normalcy and mass appeal rather than exploration of abstract and innovative ideas.

Those who are excited about the idea of investing in an artist’s royalties note that this is business as usual, and marks no decline in the morality of the artistic world.

It will be interesting to see how Eminem’s entrance into Royalty Flow shapes the music industry in the coming years, and how successful it will be when people are able to invest in Eminem’s 1999-2013 catalogue in the coming months.