Loss of power, lack of education, scarce supply of water, and destroyed homes. Puerto Rico is in dire need of aid after the destruction of Irma and Maria.

Twelve days after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico on Sept. 20, the island has only 5% of its electricity back. Out of over 1,113 schools, a total of 400 have been evaluated for damage, denying over 350,000 students their education. At most, 41% of the water in Puerto Rico is drinkable, and around 9,000 people remain living in shelters.

Over 3 million American citizens have greatly struggled from Hurricane Maria. They have been left without electricity, drinking water, and food. The island’s hospitals lack power also, leaving the injured to almost no medical help.

Refusing to help Puerto Rico at first, President Donald Trump waited a whole week to finally provide support. After lifting the Jones Act, non-U.S. aid was able to enter the country, furthering the recovery process for the Puerto Rican people.

Soon after President Trump left the island, San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz held a Trump protest. Wearing a shirt that broadcasted the word “nasty,” Cruz mocked the president’s tweets about her being “nasty.”

During her Univision interview, Cruz claims it is disgusting how anyone could turn their back on the people of Puerto Rico, targeting President Trump. Repeatedly arguing with each other through social media and the press, their dislike for each other is quite clear.

Fortunately, many people all over the world have been generous enough to help the people in Puerto Rico the best they can. The Royal Caribbean company cancelled one of their cruises, the Adventures of the Seas, and sent it to San Juan to help evacuate residents and drop off supplies. The Royal Caribbean has been helping with the relief efforts since early September.