Morning, all.  The most common phrase currently in the media, other than “fake news” is “media bias.”  Based on one’s political alliance, CNN could be either the paragon of journalism or the cancer of American media according to bias.  Fortunately, there exists a website that aids with this trouble. is a news aggregator and media bias rating database that seeks to balance out the news that we consume on a daily basis.  I highly recommend that you check them out, as they carry one of the most diverse spreads of outlets and journalism.  

One of my favorite features on the site are their “Featured Stories.”  Every day, they’ll pick a hot-button issue in the news and allocate the stories written on that topic from every outlet they have catalogued.  Then, they’ll pick three examples: one story each from a left-wing publication like HuffPost or Vox, a centrist outlet like the BBC or the Daily Beast, and a right-wing publication like Breitbart or FOX News.  Then, they’ll display the three headlines side-by-side so that the average viewer can clearly see the media bias on that issue.  

Sometimes the difference is nominal, with agreement on phrasing and perspective between the three alignments.  Sometimes, though, the differences become hilarious (at least to me).  I’ve collected some of the most extreme examples of this phenomenon for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy, and I’ll see you in the news.

FCC Overturns Net Neutrality Regulations

Trump Faces Questions of Mental Stability

Trump Tweets About Global Warming

After Ansari Story, Outlets Debate #MeToo Movement

Group Proposes California Secession

Trump at Davos: America First