For the third year in a row, Ottawa Hills is the only school district in Ohio to receive straight A’s on all categories of the Local Report Card.

Issued by the Ohio Department of Education, the annual Local Report Card includes six categories. Schools are graded on achievement, gap closing, K-3 literacy, graduation, progress, and preparation for success. Awarded an A in all six categories, Ottawa Hills is ranked first in that state as the only school to receive a perfect 4.0.

The success of the school district is attributed to the amount of effort applied by the students, staff, and families. Principal Ben McMurray discusses the outstanding achievement of the district: “The faculty, staff, and administration will continue to keep a sharp focus on student achievement and ensuring success for all of our students.  We do our best to demonstrate both growth and achievement over time.”

The school district is already working hard to receive straight A’s on the 2018 Local Report Card. Without the extensive amount of time dedicated to learning in and outside of the classroom, Ottawa Hills would not be capable of achieving the ranking it has been awarded for the last three years.