Monday, September 18, Senate Republicans started rushing towards their newest old goal–repealing Obamacare. Although this is something that has been attempted before, and met massive resistance, they hope that their last-ditch speedy effort will be successful in ridding the country of their long established enemy.

The result of this move however, could be potentially disastrous, ending in millions of people without healthcare, and an even more contentious political climate. Especially in the same timeframe as Bernie Sanders introducing his medicare for all bill, every move that the senators make is being watched even more carefully than usual.

The senators to keep an eye on this week are John Mccain and Susan Collins, the senator from Arizona and Maine, respectively. McCain is a wildcard because he was the deciding vote against the repeal in the last effort, and Collins has stated that she wants to see the final draw up before she makes her decision. Because Republicans can only afford to lose two votes, and Rand Paul, the senator from Kentucky has already stated his opposition, McCain and Collins’s votes will have utmost gravity in the coming days, as Republicans have until October 1 to get this through.