This spring, the new Professional Networking and Communications class, taught by teachers Mrs. Schoenberger and Mr. Lindsay, proved to be one of the most successful additions to the school curriculum, as it focused on developing business ethics while providing hands on learning experiences at partnering businesses.

Ottawa Hills High School was able to partner up with six different businesses to help provide these experiences to the 15 seniors in the class. The six consisted of Hylant, Owens-Illinois, Welltower, Great Lakes Marketing Research, US Coast Guard Ninth District, and Promedica Hospital. The 15 seniors were split amongst the six businesses based on preferences.

Seniors were required to visit their mentoring business at least six times, each of which they compiled a list of learning objectives to focus on the day of their visits.

On days the students didn’t visit the businesses, they read the book Grit by Angela Duckworth, watched numerous Ted Talks, reviewed proper email and resume etiquette, practiced spontaneous speaking, reviewed business ethics, attire and manners, and many more valuable lessons to better prepare themselves for the future.

“It was definitely the most beneficial class I’ve ever taken,” senior Alex Saul replied regarding the new class. “There is no better business experience than actually going to a business and learning from them first hand.”

Teacher Mrs. Schoenberger expressed her approval of the first year class, saying “I have wanted to see a class like this happen for quite some time now. To see the growth of the students while they’re in action throughout the past semester is truly gratifying.”

With high reviews for the first year class, the seniors look forward to hearing how the extraordinary class transforms within the next few years. It is truly a beneficial class and if you have the chance to take Professional Networking and Communications, you won’t want to pass up the amazing opportunity.