On Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018, a band by the name of White Noise performed at the annual Ottawa Hills’ SmART Show. Led by Saleh Ahmed, the band was inspired by Spaceside, the band that performed two years in a row before White Noise was created. “My brother definitely got me more into music,” said Saleh Ahmed, when asked what spurred the creation of the band.

White Noise was founded by Saleh Ahmed and Jan Durst and originally only featured the duo. However, over time, they garnered more and more musicians until they finalized their group roughly two months before the SmART show. The final lineup is Jan Durst on guitar, Saleh Ahmed on guitar, Ethan Riepenhoff on bass, Isaac Machon on drums, and Nate Moynihan on vocals.

Despite a variety of obstacles faced by the group, they were able to prevail in the face of opposition and deliver a performance of six songs in the front yard of the school. They played Reptilia, Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second, Someday, You Only Live Once, Hard to Explain, and Fluorescent Adolescence. “Our biggest obstacle was definitely synchronization,” explained Jan Durst, highlighting a common problem faced by new bands.

Ultimately, however, the band was able to synchronize and deliver a well-received performance over the course of an hour on May 2. According to Sam Assi, the band was, “surprisingly good,” and he was “amazed that they actually went through with creating the band and learning the music.”

    Over the course of the year, the band put in hundreds of hours, both individually and together. As Saleh Ahmed puts it, “We put in A LOT of hours into this, but it was worth it, because it sounded nice at the end and most of the time we considered it just hanging out and jamming.”

The two co-founders, Jan and Saleh, hope to continue the band at Case Western Reserve University. The Ottawa Hills’ student body commends these young musicians, and wishes them the best in their future endeavors.