On Tuesday, November 6th 2018, Americans headed to the polls in the first national election since Donald Trump became president. There were 470 seats up for election in Congress, both in the House and the Senate. In addition to many congressional seats up for grabs, a host of governorships were also being voted on. Preceding the election, there was discussion among Democrats and celebrities that this was the time for Democrats to take back the House and the Senate to demonstrate their staunch opposition to the President.

After the midterms, the Democrats have a 33 seat majority in the House, breaking up the 8 year congressional majority of Republicans. However, they actually lost 2 seats in the Senate, maintaining the Republican majority. The results in the House represent the strong opposition to President Trump. The results in the Senate, conversely, can be seen as a rejection of the way that Senate Democrats handled Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations of now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Widespread criticism of Senator Feinstein keeping the information of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony led many to believe that Democrats were using a sexual assault accusation to prevent a conservative Justice from taking the bench.  

In Ohio specifically, the governorship stayed in the red with the election of Mike DeWine. Both the rejection of Issue 1, which would have reduced the possession and use of drugs from a felony to a misdemeanor, and the election of Mike DeWine, who has always maintained a harsh crackdown of drug users during his time as Attorney General, Ohioans showed that they want more abrasive tactics to break up the drug problem.