You know It, it’s the movie that’s been #1 in the box office for the past few weeks.  It’s the movie from the Stephen King book, It’s the movie with the clown.  It’s It, the supposed best horror movie of the year.

Even though It has created a lot of excitement throughout the nation (the sequel release date is already out) and even worldwide, all the attention has created an adverse reaction that the public isn’t ready for.  Even though some effects are somewhat comical, some of them are downright scary.

In Russia, Burger King is actually demanding that the movie be banned, because apparently the movie’s abominable clown Pennywise looks like Ronald McDonald, the face of their rival fast-food chain.  Burger King thinks this counts as free advertising for McDonald’s, and an external agency is now settling the dispute.  But because the lawsuit hasn’t gone through yet, the movie has already aired in over 700 movie theaters in Russia.

However, more ominous occurrences are becoming common as well.  In Atlanta, police have been finding red balloons tied to sewer grates, like what was used in the movie to lure children to the clown.  Although the police department removed all the balloons, they openly announced how frightening they were.

“We give points for creativity, however, we want the local prankster to know that we were completely terrified as we removed these balloons from the grates and we respectfully request that they do not do that again,” said the department’s Facebook page.

Although It has become quite a sensation in our culture today, is it creating more controversy than it is entertainment?  I think yes.