They’re our rival in every event. We play them in basketball, field hockey, quiz bowl, and chess. And now we’ve competed with them in a canned food drive contest.

For the first time ever, the Ottawa Hills student council has created an event in which the students from our school challenged the students from Maumee Valley High School to bring in the most cans of food in two weeks. The collection began on February 5, and ended on February 16.

The food that is raised from both schools will be donated to the Toledo Food Bank. The competition was formed by student council’s Service and Fundraising Committee, whose job is to raise money for student council. The money they raise is then re-invested into the student body. In addition, they will also raise money for local community organizations.

The idea to raise money for an organization other than our school was first created by Kira Sindhwani. She knew that in the past, the committee had mostly done fundraising to help our district directly, and she wanted to do something for the greater community.

At Kira’s previous high school, their student council also planned a food drive competition against their biggest rival. Both schools were challenged to bring in the largest number of food products to donate to their local food bank.


Student Council counting the canned goods

Photo by Tammy Talmadge


On Friday, February 16, the winner of the competition was announced at the home basketball game against Maumee Valley. Not only did we defeat Maumee Valley in basketball 73-64, but we also defeated them in the canned food drive competition. The total cans collected by Ottawa Hills was 187, while Maumee Valley only collected 36.

Once again, Ottawa Hills has prevailed over Maumee Valley through a collective effort, and has helped the greater community.