Lavar Ball, the notoriously outspoken father of three superstar basketball players, has announced that his two youngest sons, Lamelo and LiAngelo, will head overseas to play basketball.

On November 8th, LiAngelo, who was a freshman playing for UCLA, was arrested for shoplifting while the team was playing exhibition games in Beijing. After spending the night in a Chinese jail, Ball along with two other teammates were reportedly facing up to 10 years in Chinese jail.

President Donald Trump claims that his words to Chinese President Xi Jinping are what enabled the players to return to the United States. Lavar Ball responded by denouncing this claim, which sparked a heated exchange of words between the president and Mr. Ball.

A few weeks later, on December 4th, Lavar announced that he had pulled LiAngelo from UCLA and that they would be “exploring other options.” Just a few days have passed, and Lavar has now announced that both LiAngelo and Lamelo have signed with agent Harrison Gaines and will play basketball overseas.

In early October, Lavar pulled Lamelo, who is barely 16, out of Chino Hills High School as a result of a conflict with the head basketball coach. Just over two months later, in yet another twist on this dramatic series of events, the pair of brothers will become the international representatives of Big Baller Brand.