Within Ottawa Hills, senior Will Rand is known as one of the most musically talented people in the area.  However, on Sunday, February 4th, the greater Toledo area became aware of his gift as well.

Will Rand premiered his very own “Gleaming Tide,” at the Toledo Museum of Art Peristyle Theater.  Hundreds of people showed up to listen to his piece.  Although Rand has been composing since his freshman year for the high school band, this was his first piece for an entire string orchestra.

The piece was beautiful and airy, with intricate layers creating a truly pastoral feeling.  “It was inspired by a very clear day in June at Lake Erie,” says Rand.  “There was a dance of light and water, and on the beach, it was the epitome of tranquility and nature.  It was the first time I heard an orchestra in my head.”

Heading to St. Olaf this fall, Rand aspires to let music remain a major part of his life.  He hopes to give back to the orchestra community by becoming a conductor in the future.

“Orchestra is a community – one that really shows just how a community can thrive.”  According to Rand, this thriving community is where he feels at home.  He loves that it can inspire so many people – kids in schools, new music, and cultural festivals all over the world.  Needless to say, his future pieces will surely inspire people everywhere.  Will Rand is a true musical aesthete.